Head of the Museum

Vitold Antonovich Ermalenok

Vitold Antonovich Ermalenok was born in Braslav region (1954). He graduated from the in Historial Faculty of Grodno State University after J. Kupala (1976). Vitold Antonovich is a teacher of history of the highest qualification category, founder of tour museum at school No. 3 in Miory. He is the head of the archeological and local history club “Argonauts of the Past”, the participant of many scientific conferences. Vitold Antonovich is the author of over 450 printed publications. He is one of the authors of the books “Memory” of Miorsky, Braslavsky, Glubokoye district. Vitold Antonovich wrote such books as “The Thorny Path of the Rebel-Sculptor” in 2013, “The Magic Journeys of the Ring” in 2017, “Hunters for Mysteries” in 2017, “Shrine over the lake” in 2020. Vitold Antonovich is Excellence in Education in 2011, the President’s Prize winner “For Cultural wealth Revival” in 1999. He is man of the Vitebsk Region in 2010. In 1996 he was awarded the breastplate of the Pedagogical Society “For Active Work”, the breastplate of the Ministry of Information “Excellent worker of the press of Belarus” in 2016, jubilee medals “60 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War”, in 2005, “70 years of Victories in the Great Patriotic War” in 2015, “75 years fascist of the liberation occupation” in 2019.

Кіраўнік музейнага аб'яднання

Vitold Ermalenok on the air of «Vecherny Vitebsk»

In the issue: fascinating Vitebsk region.
On a visit: Nikolai Pivovar, local historian; Vitold Ermalenok, head of the museum association, history teacher; Arina Povorotnaya, Ksenia Mikhailova, cadets of the Vitebsk Cadet School; model variety studio «Arbor».

In the issue: museums of the Miory Region.
On a visit: Vitold Ermalenok, head of the museum association, history teacher; exemplary amateur team «Arbor».

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