Museum of the History of School Education in Miorschyna

The Museum of Education of the Miorsky district was established in 2011-2018.

The total area of the exhibition is 50 sq. m., the number of exhibits: 2.5 thousand. Of these, the scientific and auxiliary fund-1.5 thousand. In 2013-2015, 150 new finds were received.

6 guided tours of the museum have been developed.

The museum consistently contains exhibits that tell the story of the development of education in the Miory region from the 16th century to the present day.


The first section “Education before 1917” contains documents, photos and things that clearly allow the museum visitor to grasp the essence of the enlightenment at that time. The most interesting exhibits: a slate, a homemade camera obscura, certificates of public schools, gymnasiums and parochial schools, writing materials, a school globe of 1904.

The second section of the exhibition is devoted to the development of education during the Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1921-1939). The most interesting exhibits: textbooks of the Disna and Druj high schools, a school microscope of 1938, certificates of completion of various types of educational institutions in the interwar period, photos of schools, classes and students of that time, notebooks and notes of students of the University of Vilna, photos of famous personalities who glorified our region in those days.

The third section of the museum tells about the development of education from 1944 to the present day. The documents and items placed on the stands reflect the period of development of the Enlightenment in the post-war years.

The fourth section of the museum is dedicated to the history of Miory Secondary School No. 3 named after E. A. Tomko. It contains 12 volumes of the school chronicle, photographs and documents that tell about the most famous students and teachers of the school, the main events in the history of the educational institution.

In the Museum of Education there is a computer database, with the help of which you can trace the history of all the schools of Miorschyna that existed on the territory of the modern district.