A workshop conducted by archaeologists

On June 18-19, according to the program of activities for the implementation of the “Heritage of the Miory Region” initiative, implemented within the framework of the project “Together for community and Nature: Miory district” with the financial support of the European Union, a workshop was held by archaeologists consisting of Maxim Chernyavsky, head of the Department of Archeology of the primitive Society of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Candidate of Historical Sciences, researchers of this department Ales Vashanov, Maria Tkacheva. On the first day of the seminar, scientists got acquainted with the expositions of museums. Then there was a presentation for schoolchildren, in which Maxim Chernyavsky told about the features of the excavations of Stone Age settlements on the territory of Northern Belarus. The next day, practical classes were held to determine tools made of Stone Age flint. Thanks to the search activity of the archaeological and local history circle “Argonauts of the Past”, a large number of various flint products have been accumulated in the scientific and auxiliary funds of the museum. Scientists carefully examined each find, photographed, dated and carried out a definition and evaluation. Local historian Vitold Ermalenok helped to localize the place of the found silicon tools of primitive man on the map. The archaeologists were particularly interested in the artifacts found in the village of Shevino in the Vitebsk region, as well as in the vicinity of the city of Miory, the villages of Giryaty, Vazha, Katilovo, Cherassy, etc. Unique for our region is the discovery of a polished silicon axe found in the village of Tsvetino and a plate of flint processed by an ancient man in the final Paleolithic of 13 thousand years BC.

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