Tourist and local history route "Cheressko-Yelnya ring"

At the suggestion of the head of the “Cycling Myors” initiative Andrey Litvinov, the head of the “Heritage of the Miory Region” initiative decided to develop and make a new one-day route through his native land together with friends of the “Argonauts of the Past” circle. The main points of the future route were chosen: the village of Cheressy-famous for its history and monuments, and the Yelnya nature Reserve – a famous natural object of the Myory region. After the development, a group was assembled, which was supposed to make a hike along the developed route route. It consists of: the head of the initiative, local historian Vitold Ermalenok, the consultant of the initiative, the history teacher Maxim Filipovich, the circle members Matveeva Alexandra, Klimentyeva Arina, Tsitsina Yulia, Poniznik Alexandra, Baranova Margarita, Konakh Victoria, Malets Sergey, Tomashevich Pavel, Tonkovid Roman. On August 5, despite the rainy weather, the bike ride was successfully completed. The total length of the route was 45 kilometers.

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