Regional scientific and practical conference «Eureka»


The Argonauts have always been attracted to research on numismatics.  More than once they have prepared reports on such topics. So this year, a student of the 10th grade, Margarita Baranova, sent her work “Money circulation in the Myory region in the light of finds of coins and treasures” to the regional scientific and practical conference “Eureka”.  In the study, she used not only preliminary developments, but also studied new finds that have appeared in our museum recently. Her work successfully passed the selection round and was noted at the conference, which was also held online.  The presentations that were developed for the conferences will be used to create an IT laboratory and a new exhibition of the Historical Museum, created as part of the “Heritage of the Miory Region” initiative under the project “Together for Community and Nature: strengthening the development process in the Miory region through cooperation between local authorities and civil society”, implemented in the Miory region with the financial support of the European Union.

Regional scientific and practical conference «Eureka»
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