Scientific and practical conference «Native Land»

NOVEMBER 2020, Vitebsk

In November, a regular scientific and practical conference was held in Vitebsk, which was held in the State Institution “Vitebsk Regional Library named after V. I. Lenin”.  In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, only representatives of the regional center took part in it in person. All the others just sent their speeches, which were included in the conference program and will be published in the next collection “Native Land”.  Local historian Vytautas Ermalenok prepared a report “Priest Jozef Borodich-a tireless builder of churches”. The report reveals the majestic figure of a Catholic priest, who, despite numerous obstacles, built 12 churches. One of its most majestic buildings is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is still the most distinctive architectural monument of the city of Miory.

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