The noble family of the Lopatinskys originates, according to the ancestral tradition, from the Lopatin estate of the Ciechanow land in Poland (Masovia). In the XV century. Bogdan of Lopatin received from the Princes of Mstislav for his services in the war land holdings near Mstislavl. His son Jozef founded the Lopatin estate there. Since that time, the history of the family is inextricably linked with the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

For a long time, the Lopatinskys used the family coat of arms “Lubich”. In a blue field, a silver horseshoe with horns down, on it stands a gold Cavalier cross, the second cross – in the middle of the horseshoe. There are three ostrich feathers above the crown of the prilbitsa. In addition to the Lopatinskys, more than 500 genera, including the Zhalkevskys, Nezabytovskys, and Radiminskys, used a similar coat of arms in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland.

The first owner of Leonpol, Nikolai Tadeusz Lopatinsky, was born on May 20, 1715 in Lopatina in the family of Mstislav bridge builder Lyavon Lopatinsky and his wife Regina from Sventitsky. His wealth allowed him to significantly expand his possessions, which he acquired in Mstislav, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Inflyant, Vilna and Trotsky voivodeships. He owned six separate starostvos and a palace in Vilnius. From his marriage with Barbara from Kopty, Nikolai Lopatinsky had sons Lyavon, John, and Jozef, but Stanislav, the adjutant general of the Polish Hetman of the VKL, and Tomas, the royal Shambelyan, the marshal of Drissen, became especially famous.

After the death of Nikolai Lopatinsky, his eldest son, Jan Nikodem, became the owner of Leonpol, as well as Drisvyats. He married Elena Oginskaya, and after her death, her sister Jozef Oginskaya. Later, Leonpol, Sarya, Kairans, and Abysses pass to John Nicodemus ‘ younger brother, Thomas of Lopatinsky, who is married to Barbara of Shadur. The next lord of Leonpol, as well as other estates, was the son of Thomas Jozef Nicholas (1784-1835). He married Dorota Morriconi. Her father was a major general in the Tadeusz Kosciuszko uprising.

The next successor of the family was the son of Dorota and Jozef Ignat Lopatinsky (1822-1882). From him, Leonpol was inherited by Stanislaw Lopatinsky, who was married to the Countess Borch. Their last descendant was their son Eusebiusz Lopatinsky (1882-1961). His marriage to Jadwiga Potvorowska was short-lived, and after the death of Evzebiusz, the family fades in the male line. But the pedigree continues on other branches: Kieran, Polish, Ukrainian.

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