Кніга «Святыні над возерам»

The Shrine over the Lake: the history of the Miory Roman Catholic Church in the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas. Bishop-Martyr Josaphat Kuntsevich from ancient times to the present

V. A. Yermalenok. – Minsk: Kapital Print, 2020. - 262 p.
ISBN 978-985-7126-40-9

In the book, the author, based on archival and historical sources, tells about the history of the church in Miory from the beginning of the Catholic shrine and the parish until 2020. For the first time, it contains a detailed description of the history of changing the appearance of a wooden shrine, the construction of a stone temple. The book will interest not only the Catholic believers of the Miory parafia, but also all those who care about the history of the Miory region, who want to learn more about the most distinctive historical monument in the city of Miory. The publication will be used by a guide for more informative excursions in and around the shrine.