Книга "Туристическо-краеведческий маршрут "Дисненское кольцо"

Magic travel rings: Book 2. Tourist and local history route "Disna ring"

Vytaut Ermalenok. - Minsk: Ark, 2021. - 192 p.: ill. ISBN 978-985-884-070-9.

The book is a continuation of the first edition of the "Magic Journeys of the Ring", which was dedicated to traveling in the west of the Miorsky district, namely "The Small Golden Ring of the Miory Region" and "The Bronze Ring". In another book, the author tells about a new route developed and completed by friends of the archaeological and local history circle "Argonauts of the Past" in 2008 around the Yelnya swamp. Despite the fact that more than ten years have passed since the cycling trip, the accumulated material is not outdated, it is still relevant today. The reader will learn about the famous historical and natural monuments, famous countrymen, whose fate is connected with the thread of the route through the Miorsky and Sharkovshchinsky districts. The book will be an excellent guide for tourists, local historians, lovers of traveling around their native land.