The newspaper «Miorskaya Starina»

“Miory Starina” is a publication of the Museums’ Council of the state educational institution “Miory Secondary School No. 3 named after Hero of the Soviet Union Yegor Andreevich Tomko” of the “Argonavts of the Past” circle. The first issue was published in January 2011. The members of the circle prepared and distributed 24 issues during two years. In the first issue of the newspaper its importance is stressed. The editorial stuff pays attention to the fact that many historians and local historians have studied their native land but the publication of such local history material as “Povet”, “Kraiovedie Poazerya”, “Meritsa” and some others is stopped now. The members of the history circle are trying to fill this gap. The newspaper publishes materials on history, archeology and local history of Miory region which is closely connected with the history of the neighboring regions. It has the research materials of some famous people of Miorie district. It also informs about historical facts of our small homeland, about interesting findings and archeological discoveries. The newspaper has information not only about successful findings of the circle members but also about their past achievements that have already gone down in history.  The heading “Our News” opens each issue of the newspaper. It contains the information about the most significant events of the history circle such as the participation in conferences, seminars, quests’ and researchers’ visits not only from Belarus but abroad to the museum, new discoveries and researches. Every person can take part in the newspapers publication and become the author of some articles. Most of the articles belong to Ermalenok Vitold Antonovich, the head of the museum and the circle “Argonavts of the Past”. The Argonavts design and prepare each issue under the guidance of the teacher of History Ermalenok Anton Vitoldovich. Each article is usually based on long and fruitful work that have been lasted for several years. Here you can find information that is difficult to find in the libraries of our country and abroad. It is based on work in archives, on local people’s questioning, on little-known foreign publications. The newspaper is published with its own funds and donations. The publication is distributed in printed form (the first circulation – 100 copies, then – 150) and in electronic form (by e-mail). The electronic version of the newspaper is also available on the website of Miory District Department of Education. The publication is distributed by the members of the group and their leader, as well as by Miory regional centre for Children and Youth.

Methodological collection "Periodical publication" Miory starina "as means of education of civic position"

From the experience of the teacher of additional education Yermalenok V.A., the head of the archeological and local history association for the interests of “Argonavts of the past”

Сompiled by Olga Yasinskaya

GUDO “Miory regional center for children and Youth ”Miory, 2012.

Presented at the 15th Republican exhibition of scientific and methodological literature, pedagogical experience and creativity of student youth. “I am a citizen of Belarus”.

Awarded with the 2nd degree diploma in the regional stage, the 3rd degree diploma – in the republican stage.